Some Spring Tidying and Cleaning.

While it is not quite spring, today’s weather had a touch of spring here. Sun shining from a clear sky (not often in Denmark), and the temperature quite acceptable. Well, I say not quite spring because it is still February, and that is still officially considered a winter month.

After a long time with COVID restrictions (some self imposed), the tidying activity had been lacking here, so now a lot is needed, and finally, I got started.

Indoors the living room space got a little floor space freed. Much more is needed, but it is now possible to have a guest sitting in the few (more) square meters (sqm) available. Yes, it was that bad, but it is a start, and must continue. 😉

In the out-house (I would not call it “shed” because it is much bigger than a shed in my eyes. A total of about 40sqm (about 400sqft) sounds like a lot of space, and while some stuff has been removed from the out-house after my removal some years ago, A lot still needs to be done there, so I can start some workshop activities.

I need to look at all the stuff on shelves, to see what is useful to me, and what should be discarded, and what must be discarded. A lot of sorting to do, but finally it has started.

In the indoor department, there are some thing needed. The bathroom is over 50 years old, and it needs a complete renewal. Since I am lousy at that type of work, I have decided to have it done and saved enough to pay the bill. It had been postponed due to COVID, but now I really need to have it done.