New Pages and New Scifi Activities

I have been scifi active again.

On Sunday, March 18th I participated as a guest host on the podcast :

Downbelow : A Babylon5 Introcast

The podcast has two Babylon 5 veterans and two absolute novices, and is spoiler free up to the episode talked about.

I was on episode 11 where we dealt with season 1 episode 7 : “The War Prayer”.

I have previously, successfully introduced a few friends to Babylon 5, and avoided spoilers, so I was pretty confident that would not be a problem. But, after all, this was my first full participation in a podcast, so I was a bit nervous. Speaking over the other hosts is, after all, not polite.

Things went well despite some technical problems in the beginning and at the end, and I am on the list for another episode as guest host.

The next week end I was in Copenhagen for Dancon, a small local convention with 30 – 40 participants, where I had another first, holding a talk about Straczynski (JMS), the creator of Babylon 5 and writer of a vast amount of TV, comics and film, and more. This was done with a friend who knows the comics much better than I do, so he talked about comics and a bit of films, and I talked a bit about JMS and his TV writing career

The biggest problem was simply the vast amount of material. certainly not enough time for more than scratching the surface of the whole thing. We agreed that, after a bit of a pause, we should take a more limited subject and go deeper at a later convention.

so – within one week I got to do two new things in connection with scifi. It was fun, even if I was a bit nervous, and I will probably do it again.

In connection with the Downbelow Podcast I have created some Babylon 5 pages that will remain spoiler free for the newcomer hosts of the podcast. See links to the pages above.