Watching now : The Prisoner, Orphan Black, Farscape

A few days ago Netflix became available where I live.

Apart from an issue with a crashing Silverlight on a Mac Mini (probably due to overheating) Netflix runs nicely on a somewhat stronger machine (Quad Core i7).

The Prisoner (1967) :
This story of a secret agent who quits his job and finding himself “stranded” in “The Village” on a remote island is very good.
The story has a surreal feel to it, and I take it that it is part of the attempt to break down the sense of reality for this “Number 6”. His main antagonist is “Number 2”, and there is a good deal of psychological drama and warfare. The series lasted only 17 episodes and was created by Patrick McGoohan who also played the lead role.

Orphan Black (2013) :
I was recommended to check out this series, and I like it.
Season 1 started airing in early 2013 and has 10 episodes.Sarah is a witness to the suicide (jumping in front of a train) by her double, and takes over her identity.
It turns out that there are more “doubles” of Sarah, and that they are all clones.
As the mystery is slowly, but surely revealed, Sarah and her “Sisters” become involved in a drama of life and death.
The acting of Tatiana Maslany as the many clones is nothing less than spectacular.

From now on I will probably delve a bit more into Netflix and what is available here, before returning to the Farscape DVDs (The DVDs are not going anywhere, the Netflix selection changes all the time.)

The Lurker’s ratings :
The Prisoner : 8/10
Orphan Black : 9/10