Re-Watch: Babylon 5.

After a pause in binge watching of Babylon 5, I re-started, because I expect to meet with a lot of other B5 fans soon.

I just finished the first season, and I will say that I still do not understand the people calling Michael O’Hare’s acting “wooden”. It may be a bit understated, but at times, just a facial expression tells more than many words.

While season 1 is not the strongest of the series, it serves very well for setting up the story, and a great introduction to the main characters, and a glimpse of what is to come.

Here is an example: The much maligned episode TKO has one of the really strong character moments for Ivanova. I know that many skip the episode, but then they miss out on this excellent character moment, and a follow up to a small thread from a previous episode.

I will rate my re-viewing of this season as 8/10

2 thoughts on “Re-Watch: Babylon 5.

  1. I’m a bit behind you, and haven’t reached TKO yet, but I remember commenting on it on the BabCast, and the Ivanova B story is its saving grace (pun intended). With 20/20 hindsight, even the maligned Infection feels better because *Marshal Teague*, and all he has come to represent both on and off the show.

    And I never faulted Michael O’Hare’s acting. He was playing a wounded, conflicted war hero, and let the whispers of that shadow his character. Anyone paying attention realizes something is going on there. And once the details started leaking out, we confirmed we were starting a wondrous ride.

    Also, happy to see the blog is alive and kicking. Hadn’t stopped by in years, I’m ashamed to say!

    Cheers, Edmund

  2. Good to re-connect, Edmund. I just looked at the blog and just saw that you commented.
    After the convention in Telford I have not yet continued my re-watch. As you may understand, my mind has been occupied with another matter for a while. From now on I will be home, essentially all the time (see also my next post).
    But yes I will, probably a bit more slowly, re-start with season 4, among all the other activities I have at home. I am not going to run out of things to do, even though I could use a bit more energy. Maybe that will come, as some of the more positive news emerge.

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