On several social media I am known as the Babylon Lurker, aka Jan from Denmark.

Having lived in two countries, Denmark and Netherlands, and having worked at an international organization I do speak a bit of languages:

Danish is my native language

English is my first foreign language

Dutch, as I have lived in the Netherlands for a number of years

German, I learned at school as the second foreign language, I speak a decent German, even if some Dutch words and phrases enter into my speech.

French was an official language I had to know some of. I do not speak it well, and I need people to slow down when they speak French.

I did learn some Russian at high school (in Denmark it is called “gymnasium”), but never used it, so it is mostly forgotten, unfortunately.

My interest of science fiction and fantasy started in the 60s, and has been a part of my life since then, with some ups and downs.

In periods I have done some  astronomy, photography, and I have a healthy curiosity about science, especially astronomy and physics.

Expect this blog to be a bit of a mixed bag of my interests. Have fun!