Downbelow Introcast

I am following the Babylon 5 podcast Downbelow : Babylon 5 Intro-cast.

They usually have two Babylon 5 veterans and two newcomers to B5, plus a guest host.

This page will be as spoiler free as is possible up to the episodes mentioned.

2014-02-28 :

Last episode : 1.05 “Parliament of Dreams”

I found some promotional slides on Ebay, and here are the first two :

More photos will go into the album Intro Gallery

Gallery of Convention Pictures


Trakis. Slave owner of Londo Mollari’s lover, the dancer/slave Adira.

Soul Hunter

Soul Hunter #2 from episode 1.02 : “Soul Hunter”

Claudia Christian "B5 Ivanova"

Claudia Christian “B5 Ivanova”

Claudia Christian, PHXCC

Claudia Christian “B5 Ivanova” at Phoenix Comicon 2013.

Peter Jurasik "B5 Londo Mollari"

Peter Jurasik “B5 Londo Mollari”

Pat Tallmann "B5 Lyta Alexander"

Pat Tallmann “B5 Lyta Alexander”

Bill Mumy "B5 Lennier"

Bill Mumy “B5 Lennier”

Walter Koenig

Walter Koenig at Phoenix Comicon 2013
Mr Chechov in Star Trek
Mr Bester in Babylon 5

Joe Michael Straczynski, Creator B5 (JMS)

Joe Michael Straczynski, Creator B5 (JMS)



Jerry Doyle "B5 Garibaldi"

Jerry Doyle “B5 Garibaldi”

Mira Furlan PHXCC

Mira Furlan at the Babylon 5 Reunion Panel at Phoenix Comicon 2013

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