Scifi and the Corona Virus.

The western world is closing down, for a while.

The Corona virus crisis has hit us all.

As someone in the rather vulnerable group I have, essentially been in isolation for a week now. Not quite, because this week I had appointments at the hospital for a blood test and subsequent CT-scan, as part of the follow-up on a cancer I had treated – successfully – in 2018.

Since I was out, I did go to the pharmacy, too, just to get supplies of medicine I have been using regularly, especially a means to reduce the effects of pollen allergies.

This crisis may take longer than we might expect. For me, at least, I will hesitate to venture much out into the world (or even in my own country), until we have seen and tested a successful treatment or a vaccine is available.

What does that mean to me? I am fortunate enough to have retired, so there is no **need** to go out much. I can get food supplies and other necessities delivered to my door. Even then, I should be careful not to be infected from the delivery people. The most essential company has already made more cautious procedures in that respect.

Here is the thing for me. I am generally used to living on my own, and have not gone out among people a lot. Yes, sometimes I have gone for a larger event, but that is all on hold now.

Well, there is enough to keep me occupied. I have a large collection of books, audios and videos, that are unread/un-watched/un-listened-to.

With a garden that needs at least a minimum of tending there is more to do.

One other interest that is good in my isolated situation is access to social media and other information on the Internet, and my interest in building electronic circuits. Yes, I am into amateur radio, have been for over 50 years, and that also gives some nice social contacts. Even before this crisis I have had more than enough to do.

So if I can avoid getting infected I will get through that crisis. Others may not be so fortunate.

To everyone in doubt: If you are an essential part of health care and other necessary functions, take all possible precautions to stay healthy. Many others should be working from home, if at all possible, and so help reducing the spread of the virus. Those of us who are vulnerable due to age or previous sickness, stay home if at all possible, and help in any way you can, those who need it.

We will all need to stand together (with a distance) to get through this. If we do, most of us will be there on the other side, if not, we will see much fewer people succeeding.

Further, after some days with only bad news, I am now starting to see some better news on this situation. Sometimes simple things like people assisting as possible, up to the first human tests of possible treatments or vaccines. One example was that someone had made an open-source version of a simple ventilator for the worst hit patients, capable of being made with a 3D printer. We will need everyone who has skills to alleviate the problems ahead of us.

I am therefore cautiously optimistic.

Next post will hopefully be more related to the main theme of this blog, but I am sure there will be updates in between posts.


So now I wish you all good health and hope you will get over this crisis in a good way, and thank you for your patience.

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