Quick Photo Experiment – Paper Photo Scan San Fransisco

Here is a quick example of what can be done with a quick scan of a paper photo.
This photo is 15 – 20 years old, from a trip to California, this one is from San Fransisco. More edits of the text possible.

This is a quick experiment:
1) Scanning the paper photo with a cheap paper photo scanner
2) Using photoshop elements for shadow/highlight enhancement
3) Slight sharpening using Unsharp Mask

I need to try making a scan of the negative (I expect that is in the folder)
I consider it possible to do that with my existing Digital camera and some good, even white background. It will probably not be as good as a professional scan, but likely better than the paper scan.

Comments are welcome on this subject.

Colour image :

San Fran colour

San Fransisco by day

B/W image :

San Fran BW

San Fransisco by day BW

Edit :

Dia-copyer received, after a bit of experimentation I succeeded in getting a decent colour from a negative “scan” (RAW photo), it ended up like this after a bit of processing :


The picture “scanned” with a digital camera

Edit2 :
Testing with noise reduction :


SanFran with noise reduction

Photo of the Week #17 : Mountains near Qindao

Taken at Laoshen near Qindao, this is a picture I did a bit of adjustment on

When I looked at the RAW picture it looked a bit dull. The adjustment is simple, a bit of highlight and shadow adjustment followed by contrast adjustment via Levels.

No sharpening, just reduced the size of the image to make it suitable for the blog.

Laoshan Lake and mountains

A lake due to a dam, Laoshan Mountains

As an experiment I made a black and white version, and I actually like that one, too.

Laoshan Lake B/W

Laoshan : Lake and mountains, B/W.

I think that both pictures are good.
Which one do *you* like best ?

Photo of the Week #14 : Rocky Coast in China

On my trip to China last year we visited the Laoshan temple complex, but on the way I could not resist the rocks – I just had to take this picture. All pictures taken during my trip to China were made with a compact Canon G11 – and given the limitations of compacts I am very happy with the results.

Laoshan Rocks

Rocky coast at Laoshan, China

How do you like it ?