Weeky Photo #20 : Dutch Windmills

Near The Hague in The Netherlands we find these Windmills.

In the days of old they were used to pump water out of the low lying areas surrounded by dikes (polders).

Nowadays the pumping is done by diesel- and electric engines, so these three have people living there.

The picture is taken at a time when I had not yet learned the advantages of RAW shooting, so it is simply a JPEG with a few adjustments.

3 Windmills

Dutch Windmills

Weekly Photo #18 : Qingdao Skyline

The trip to China yielded many interesting pictures.

This one comes from the area of Qingdao where the Olympic sailing competitions took place.
The only drawback is the grey weather which was all to common during most of the trip.
The Chinese sense of colour shines through in this picture, too.

Looking at this picture, the Chinese do a lot of building construction, don’t they ?

Qindao Skyline

Bridge and skyline, Qingdao, China