A Photo a Week #8 – Ancient culture

At a festival in Copenhagen I got to take the picture below rather early in the morning, waiting for sunrise.

The instrument they are playing is called a lur, and they are always played in pairs, as on this picture. The instrument, a simple form of horn, originate in the Bronze age of the Norse culture, and only a few have been found.

If it looks familiar, some of you may have seen it on Danish butter packages (brand mark : “Lurpak”). Also in Copenhagen you can find a statue of LurblĂŚserne (Lur Blowers). In this case I saw some real life ancient instruments being played.


Playing the Lur

Fringe re-watch

Since the 5th and final season of Fringe starts airing soon, I have been following the re-watch podcasts by The Fringe Podcast‘s Summer re-watch, re- watched all 4 current seasons.

I was pleased to see that a lot of the apparent “throw-away” lines and plots actually are paying off, sometimes after 3 – 4 years.

This is the kind of story I like. It rewards patience and has some wonderful characters and character development.

I particularly like John Noble’s portrayal of Walter Bishop. He never fails to deliver perfectly, this old scientist with a heavy conscience.

Anna Torv gets to show her range in playing several versions of herself, and does it convincingly.

Given the episode 4.19 glimpse into the future of the story I am very excited to see what the 5th season will bring, as I suspect it will complete its mythology.

Photo a Week #5 Fan model at Fedcon

At a large convention like Fedcon you are likely to find a lot of people having built models (sometimes full size) of science fiction icons.


R2D2 rolling around among participants of Fedcon

It is quite amazing how much attention to detail there is. The guy with the remote control told me that he built the whole thing – except for the dome that was machine made. Well done !

The other thing found rolling around was a Dalek from Doctor Who :