Two conventions and some podcasts

In May and June I have been to two conventions , the Fedcon in Düsseldorf, Germany and Fantasticon in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At Fedcon a few Babylon 5 fans went together to make a little happening. You can find a series of pictures of Babylon 5 fans in and out of costume here

At both conventions I was giving away buttons for #FreeBabylon5, a group that campaigns to get Babylon 5 back on TV channels and Internet streaming. You can find more information on the Free Babylon 5 website.

I have participated in a few more of the Downbelow podcasts as a guest, and it has been fun following Heidi and Elisabeth discovering Babylon 5, and their – sometimes – uncanny guesses of what is to come. Of course, they miss greatly form time to time, but they are very observant.

Likely there will be a bit more on those activities later …


2 thoughts on “Two conventions and some podcasts

  1. HI JAN! Looney here. I was looking through your FedCon photos and I noticed a familiar face. In the 5th picture the tall gentleman in the Earthforce uniform was at Space City Con 2014, but I don’t remember his name. Do you know it? And you have so many pictures of the same group, does that mean you spent a lot of time socializing with them or was it just for photo ops? I am curious as to whether or not you discussed #FREEBABYLON5 with them or any of the other events going on right now like the Fan Film. Thanks for posting the photos. It looks like it would have been fun to be there.

  2. Hi Looney Joe

    The gentleman you recognize is the German fan Benjamin Borkenhagen.
    Oh, yes, Every one of them, and more at the con received the #FreeBabylon5 Buttons which I got from Jan at SCC. I have been to this one and 2 small Danish ones in Copenhagen. There is one more occasion that I will talk about later this year.
    The group came together to make a small B5 happening on the Saturday of the con, but most of us met already on Thursday. I was planning on releasing more in another post, so will not go in much more detail.
    Most of the pictures are from the Saturday happening, but of course we met now and then – the con had around 5-6000 attendees, and there will be more pictures coming – both from the con floor and from some of the panels/Q&As
    The German fans have, in general, some of the best cosplay I have seen. So watch this space …

    So yes – the Babylon Lurker is now a roving #FreeBabylon5 Ranger 😉

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