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My blog is now up and running on my own website. I got my posts from Blogger/LiveJournal imported.

The Livejournal will be continued – I participate in some community activities there :

Now for a little experimentation with the interface/themes, so expect that it may look a little different from time to time.

From time to time, posts from some friends will appear.

2 thoughts on “Blog now up

  1. Hey! Are you there?
    So, I’m kind of trying to bring Babylon5 fans to a JMS Appreciation day at 8/8. My goal is to spread the reasons why JMS did an amazing job on Sense8 and on Babylon5 around the web – or just gather whatever materials I can find and post on this tumblr here:
    So on 8/8 we will reblog and retweet and hopefully we will have a lot of nice things to show him at this date. Can you help with this?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello, Mariana,
      I am there, but not too active blogging right now. Thanks for your interest.
      After a move between countries, a lot of activities are necessary and wanted.
      Regarding the JMS appreciation day I would like to mention a few other things that JMS has done in his writing career.

      TV :
      Sense8, of course, with the Wachowskis
      Babylon 5
      A 2 season long series called “Jeremiah” which I liked when I finally got to watch it.

      Film :
      Contributions to scripts for several Marvel movies, such as the Thor movie. (He even had a cameo in the film)
      The movie “Changeling”, written by JMS alone and directed by CLint Eastwood, after a thorough research of the historical records

      Comics :
      Tons of runs in Marvel comics, such as Thor (a beautiful story), Spiderman Fantastic Four and many more
      DC comics such as Superman and Wonder Woman.
      Some of his own original comics, such as Rising Stars, Supreme Power, Ten Grand and many more

      If you find an entry, on my blog, worth mentioning, please feel free to link to it on the day. I do not have much time due to some other preparations, so I may not write anything new. Let us see if I can set aside some time.

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