Thoughts on “The 4400” TV series.

I have been watching 4th and final season og “The 4400” – here are a few thoughts on the series.

The concept of the series :

Over a period of about 60 years 4400 people have mysteriously disappeared. Suddenly, all reappear brought back in a giant ball of light.

The scene does, to a certain extent, remind me of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, but “The 4400” continues where, “Close encounters” end with a lot of people coming back.

As some of the returnees show unusual abilities, fear and suspicion arises.

What I particularly like in this series is a continued story through the series, each season always ending with a completely new – and often surprising – situation.

Characters are believable, most episodes feel well written, produced and acted.

Some people seem to complain about short (in this case 13 episode) seasons, but I think a lot of series may benefit from the shorter seasons, giving writers – and the whole team – the possibility of giving their best without running out of steam.

One thought on “Thoughts on “The 4400” TV series.

  1. I am almost done with the show myself (I think I am somehow missing some episodes, I have to go and check the DVDs again), but what I have seen so far (three episodes of season four to go) has impressed me just as much as it did you. The stories and the characters are very well written, the acting is very good and kept my interest up all the time. And I had to laugh out loud at the one reference to Steve Jobs in a season 4 episode 😀

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