Scorpion TV series (4 seasons)

Over the last few months I have been watching “Scorpion” on the recommendation of a friend.
The series rums over 4 seasons, and is the story of a group of people with genius level IQ helping out Homeland (and others) with seemingly unsolvable problems.
The group is assisted by their (non-genius) partners, their Homeland handler and a former waitress who happens to have a genius son.
The problems range from saving a puppy, over environmental disasters to preventing the apocalypse.
The characters are reasonably well drawn. There is an amount of character development, and going from having an EQ of almost nothing to some EQ is not nothing.
Lots of fun moments during their problem solving makes it quite entertaining.
The series is somewhat formulaic, each episode having a problem almost solved something goes horribly wrong and then has to be solved. It always works in the end. I would have liked to see cases that they could not solve properly.
Sometimes the solutions are, to me, at least, obvious technical/scientific mistakes, making them ridiculous. OK, that’s part of the fun to me.
I think the 4th season is not as strong as the first 3. it feels to me like the writer(s) were running out of ideas.
I like the series, but it does not warrant a repeat viewing. There is better stuff out there, and a lot of stuff that I have not seen yet … priorities …
I rate the series as a whole to an average 7/10.

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