4 thoughts on “The YALID Syndrome

  1. My timesaver is to have a class of things that don’t require mega-secure logins, like the blogs etc you mentioned, is to use the first 5 letters in the name of the blog, site etc and then have a “PIN” – 4 letters/digits that are not a word, and are fairly random – which I append to my log-ins.

    So, your would say be babyl5ttL, where 8GpL was my “PIN” – which it isn’t of course!

    Not ideal, and agree they’re a faff, but a format like that can save time as you only need recall your “PIN”.

  2. Yes, that would be one way aroun it – I will have to see how that fits me, thanks for your consideration

  3. If I have to join in order to leave a comment, that tells me the person in charge of the blog (forum, board, whatever) really isn’t interested in what I have to say. So I just shrug and go on to the next thing.

  4. Well, Tim, the blog in question was a “community” of individual blogs, and I believe the individual blogger had no say in the policy, so I let him off that particular hook.

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