Ice on Mars ! Life on Mars ?

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has detected large glaciers just under the surface of Mars.

This can be very interesting as water supply when (yes, I am optimistic) we send people to Mars – they do not have to bring large supplies of water. Could it be that – with care – the people going there can be self supporting with water supply ? Quite possible.

This is also a sign that Mars has had much more water than it has today. Maybe it even had an atmosphere dense enough to support life, more or less as we know it.

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2 thoughts on “Ice on Mars ! Life on Mars ?

  1. Obligatory Startrekkin’ reference: “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it.”

    Seriously though, this is exciting news. Both for potential future human colonies, and because of the chance there may have been life on Mars. On the other hand that last option is also a bit scary. Remember War of the Worlds, where the Martians are wiped out by a Human disease? Just what could a dormant Martian bacterium do to human colonists? That’s something they’ll have to watch for when they start sending people over there.

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