Babylon 5 : 10 years since the final episode aired.

Exactly 10 years ago, November 25th 1998 the final episode of “Babylon 5”, “Sleeping in Light” was aired for the first time, completing the epic story.

Interesting is that just a few days ago the ISS had its 10th anniversary, too (the first module Zarya was launched). An imaginary space station was decommissioned and a the building of a real life space station was initiated.

B5 is a show I have watched several times by now, and one of the few shows (scifi or otherwise) that I recommend to lots of people. One of the things is that every single time I have seen it, there is something new – a new connection inside the story, a detail that has gone unnoticed before etc.

I have introduced it to a few people, watching it together with them and seen them come to love the show as I do. Not many shows can do that, and none other has done this for me.

One thought on “Babylon 5 : 10 years since the final episode aired.

  1. I read about it on JMS news and despite the fact that I should have been writing for NaNo, I just couldn’t help celebrating the anniversary by creating some wallpaper (I will shamelessly promote them here, feel free to delete the link if you are not comfortable with it – LINK).

    I have given the question when I saw the finale the first time quite some thought. I cannot really recall it, though I caught the odd episode of B5 here and there. But I think I might have seen SIL once – I remember the scene when Sheridan wakes up, old, and gets out of bed. It hit me when I watched it this year in spring – when I saw that scene a shiver went down my back.

    Needless to say, I cried very much throughout the whole episode. It is absolutely beautiful, tears you apart and heals you at the same time.

    I haven’t had the chance yet to introduce others to the B5 universe. How did your firsties react when they reached SIL? Have you ever watched it together with someone who saw it for the first time?

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