“When the Power goes …. Chaos Reigns” (J.C. Hutchins)

– or at least the Internet connection disappears.

This evening I have been powerless for a few hours. I was just taking a break and should be starting my daily post when the lights first faded for a few seconds – then went out. DSL-Modem, computers radio and TV etc – the whole house was dead.

Now what ? since this is quite unusual for this area I first looked out of my windows, and the flats in the next street had lights on – looked to the other corner – more lights. Went to the other side of the flat : a dark area for some miles/km – where there would normally be a sea of lights.

I found myself in one corner of a dark area, with light on two sides. Hmmm. I do not know exactly what happened, but my guess is that a transformer station went up in smoke – likely due to an overload – it can happen if someone digs into a cable (seen that before).

Find a flashlight – I have one or two LED flashlights around , talk to neighbours, one had a non working flashlight – fortunately it just needed new batteries, and she had spares.

No lights, no reading, no tv , no computers, and certainly no internet.

Actually, I don’t mind the dark, then the stars become visible. Unfortunately the stars are blocked by “The Great Northern European Nebula” , aka clouds, so no luck there. Well – I was a little tired, so had an excuse to take a rest.

It took a few hours for the power to return here, so no real harm done.

Funny how much we depend on electricity for our daily activities nowadays. Make me think that I should have some backup power system. Not easy in the flat, but at my house “back home” – that is another matter. I should plan to make some kind of renewable energy generation there, so it is ready when I return to my home country.

One thought on ““When the Power goes …. Chaos Reigns” (J.C. Hutchins)

  1. “…“The Great Northern European Nebula” , aka clouds…” ROFL, you almost made me fall of my chair 😀

    I have noticed that as well – we depend so much on electricity and everything that goes with it, that a power failure becomes quite inconvenient. While in winter it’s not that bad, in the summer it gets difficult when the fridge stops working *hmpf*

    But even though I don’t have a flashlight, I have tons and tons of candles. The last time there was a blackout in the area where I lived I first didn’t know what to do. I lit the candles, but then what? No tv, no computer, no internet. It actually took me ten minutes to realize I could just grab a book and read. And that#s what I did for two hours. It was weird at first, because I wasn’t used to the silence all around me, but after a while, I actually enjoyed it 🙂

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