Podcasts about Scifi etc that I have been listening to

Babylon Podcast : (no surprise) about Babylon 5, weekly

Slice of Scifi : all about Scifi/Fantasy, mainly in media – news – interviews – (film/TV/Web etc) on the same feed they have a voice mail feedback show weekly

Dragon Page : All about Scifi/Fantasy books – reading – writing – interviews etc. weekly, most weeks two shows

Scifi Talk : Interviews with Scifi/Fantasy creators etc (no special schedule that I have seen, but often more than once a week

DWO Whocast : all Doctor Who related news – interviews etc, weekly (mostly)

Dr Who Podshock : All doctor Who related – sometimes very long, no particular schedule that I can see

The Sonic Newsdriver : Doctor Who news, several times per week if news is coming in.

In some hours the raw and unedited Babylon Podcast recording for next week’s show will be ‘cast on a live feed. Unfortunately, because of the time zone differences I cannot listen every week, because for me it starts at 3 AM.

But (for me) tomorrow morning I will probably be there – it’s fun – and at times hilarious.

The feed can be found at :

http://stream.farpointmedia.net:8000/listen.pls (USA)
http://w2k.myftp.org:8000/FPM.m3u (Europe)
(or http://w2k.myftp.org:9000/listen.pls as an option for non-Icecast users)

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