The Chinese Launch of Shenzhou 7 with a Crew of 3.

The Chinese space agency has launced their 3rd manned spacecraft with 3 astronauts (“Taikonauts”) on board. see the article from

The plan is to have a Space Walk of about 40 minutes in order to test a newly made Chinese space suit, collect some scientific experiments from the outside of the craft and launch a small satellite sending images back to Earth. The Space Walk should happen on Friday or Saturday.

Exciting to see the Chinese emerge as a manned space faring nation. along with the US and Russia.

There are still not many nations/organisations capable of launching space craft into orbit. I count

– US
– Russia
– Europe (ESA)
– Japan
– India

did I forget anyone ?

I am curious to see when and if the Chinese will join the ISS. I think they belong there along with the others.

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